New compositions of chocolate

Today Marsha and Christoph are making chocolate again. This time we make the cocoa mass with the Champion Juicer. It turns out that it produces a finer mass than the thermomix we used before.

We produce the following chocolates:

79% cocoa "Indio Rojo" - Pur

79% cocoa "Indio Rojo" - with cassis

79% Cocoa "Indio Rojo" - with whole hazelnuts

79% cocoa "Indio Rojo" - with drunken nibs

79% cocoa "Indio Rojo" - with drunken nibs and strawberry flavor


The chocolates taste very well and the melt is getting finer. However, the next time we will work the different ingredients into the mass and not spread afterwards on to the bars, so that the taste becomes more intensive.

In the evening we do a tasting with Yvonne.

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