Fridge in Weikersheim

Since Marsha and Christoph are planning not only to sell the raw cocoa, but also to produce chocolate themselves in collaboration with Martin Stiegler, we need additional equipment. In this case, a sufficiently large refrigerator, in which we can store chocolates. In addition, it should be a fridge with circulating air cooling so that the temperature in the entire refrigerator is equal and the chocolate does not begin to „sweat“. Martin gave me the contact to a baker, who sells his entire inventory because of closing-down. Christoph has arranged an appointment with Mr. Folkerts at short notice, so today Marsha and Christoph are driving to Weikersheim which is situated in the beautiful Tauber-Valley. The refrigerator is from Liebherr with a capacity of 856 liters and in a perfect condition, the price is also appropriate. We agree quickly and add 15 baking trays that fit into the fridge.

Afterwards we are going for a cup of coffee in the old town of Weikersheim, which is very picturesque.

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